Soulgore on Bike WIP #1

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Lord on Bike (WIP)

You can never have too many HQ options so I’m building a Chaos Lord on a bike for my Chaos Space Marines. Some of you will recognize this as Soulgore, my juggernaut Lord. He’s magnetized at the waist for storage, and for projects like this, so instead of building a new Lord I thought Soulgore would get another ride. Of course his arms are magnetized as well.

Not much going on with this at the moment. I did convert the power sword from a chainsword and Dark Angel’s Terminator Sergeant or Captain power sword. My initial load out idea for Soulgore on the bike has him using The Blade of the Relentless from Crimson Slaughter and my mind wandered towards a crude/blunt and powerful blade and in turn I came up with this. I still have to finish up the greenstuff work but it’s mostly done, the power sword.

I’m trying to think of small touches for the bike to make him stand out a bit. I don’t see the Disciples of Twilight leaders as being very showy and flaunting prizes and trophies seeing as they are fighting for survival and not wealth and glory. So, I don’t want big glaring elements, just small subtle things. Any ideas?

That’s it for now. I mostly wanted to get it together so I can try it out tomorrow. I often come up with HQ ideas that don’t pan out very well, though normally I proxy them before building them. I rather did this one backwards but I also know I do want a Lord on bike option regardless, the wargear is the variable.

How do you find your bike-bound HQs? They tend to be worth it or just faster to their death?

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What about finding some small bits (horns or something) to have coming off the flat part at the rear of the bike? That’s usually prime real estate for some added touches.


I hope you guys get a new bike models someday. Chaos Bikes look like shit. lol.
No idea what you can put on that flat back area. All the Chaos decoration stuff is icons and spikes, none of which look right slapped on a big, flat plane like that.