Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh – WIP Update

I had started this model over a year ago. Originally it was going to be in a list of mine for a local 40K tournament, but I changed my list last minute (as I always do!), and it’s since sat on a shelf staring at me. Since I have completed my Knight (pics once my backdrop arrives), I wanted to work on something small that I knew I could complete in a reasonable timeframe.

Here’s a shot of where I left off with the model 14 months ago.

Steed of Slaanesh - WIP #1

I had done some minor conversion work on the Cold One to get the rider legs on there from the Chaos Warriors box, and begun some preliminary painting.

With the majority of the work done on the Cold One, it was time to start putting paint on the rider.

This was where I left off last week. I had the armor and boots done, and other items base coated and in need of washes.

Today I did a little more work. I picked out the metal areas on the leather straps, got the washes on all the metals, did some metal highlighting, and other stuff I’m forgetting.

Anyway, here’s where it stands at this moment.

I just noticed I forgot the metal on the stirrups. Barring that oversight, the next steps will be the last details on the Cold One: teeth, eyes, spikes and claws.

I should be able to get that done today, and then I’ll have to change gears and get the top half of the Lord worked out. I have yet to build that…

Oh, if you’ve noticed the Steed is a little tipsy it’s because I have a pin in his foot to set him on the base right now. That way I can remove it from the base as needed while I work on things. It will get glued down shortly.

Update: I finally finished the model. Check out my Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh painting showcase.

  • Looking good! I’ve got parts set aside for a Lord on Steed conversion that I should get working on myself. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks.

      What are you using for parts in your conversion?

  • Liking how the paint is coming together on that to. Still not a fsn of the log/twigs but cannot fault the painting. ;)

    • What is it about the logs you don’t care for?

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