Chaos Lord & Steed of Slaanesh – Paint in Progress #1

My wife is away for the weekend so I thought I’d get started painting my Chaos Lord and Steed of Slaanesh but I had a dilemma. Should I continue on at the level I was at when I painted that Lord or say screw it and advance forward?

Steed of Slaanesh: WIP #3-1

See, I have all sorts of magnetized arms painted at a level that matches that body. So, by moving ahead and playing with blending and stuff I would have to start a whole new batch of arms at the new level. The old arms would look horrible on a blended model and the blended arms wouldn’t match the previous quality. I opted to start new and blend away. There’s nothing wrong with what I’ve been doing but sometimes you just have to move forward.

Nothing crazy and very early work but it’s progress and I’ll take it. The left arm seems less done and that’s because the paint I use for the next layer dried up on me. I have to head to the shop to get some later today. I’m pretty happy with how the black is coming along and it’s mostly done. Using that blue to blend the black highlights, the same blue basing the other arm, gives it a cool ethereal look I think. I might have to tone it down a bit though now I look.

Now the lousy part. I started working on the steed but I couldn’t get the colors the way I wanted them and layering over and over to try new stuff and fix things just built up too much paint. Now it’s in a Simple Green bath to get stripped and start over. Hours of work and nothing to show. On the plus side, I think I finally figured out the best way to approach the model this time…I hope.

Bit of a mixed bag in the painting department but I suppose that’s just life. We take the setbacks along with the progress. No clue when I’ll get in another good painting session with this model but I’m in no rush. I think this model will be something I work on here and there between projects.

The different approach in painting a scheme I’ve done the same for four years is going to take some practice. I want to make sure what I do on this model is something I’ll be happy with going forward, and also something that isn’t going to take me forever to get done too. This will be how I approach my other HQs. Grunts get the standard technique I’ve always done, and so it needs to look good and not take me months to get done because of my infrequent painting schedule. Basically, somewhere between the old method and the insane work I put into my Herald of Khorne.

What do you do with painting setbacks? Curl into the fetal position, take a break or just push on?

Update – Check out the completed Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh!


  • Bummer dude. Always so frustrating when that happens. I am sure though it will look great on your second visit as you have the scheme set in your mind :)

    • Yeah, what can you do but complain?

      I got it primed again this morning and did some more testing on the steed and this time around it looks like I figured it out. So, at least the problem did teach me something :)

  • Fingers crossed it works out going forward on the steed this time. These things happen though and we overcome them and move on. Looking forward to seeing results.

    • Got quite a bit done on the steed yesterday and it’s looking much better this time. Might get some shots later this week.

      • Good stuff man, looking forward to it.

  • Just push forward. I would use your previous schemes and setup as a basis for the new model, but don’t adhere strictly to them. If this guy is a boss or character, he should be standing out a bit more then his brethren.

    When someone asked Roman why he stopped painting armies, his reply was. (paraphrased)
    “You can’t finish an army. By the time you are almost done, the last model looks better then the first and you have to start over”

    • I’ve always put more effort into my HQs, and other worthy units/models, than the rank and file. That being said, it was always the same technique, just usually more colors, more attention to detail and such. I don’t mind stepping away from that and pushing better techniques on these models per se, it was really just that it sort of means starting over a bit with regards to the options of weapons I had built up.

      Magnetizing is something that’s a blessing and my bane. If I didn’t magnetize then each model would stand on its own, for better or worse. On the other hand, I would probably have 8 different Chaos Lords that route. Hard to argue the practicality of magnets!

      I have never had an issue with quality progressing through the army. I long ago accepted that inevitability. That’s why batch painting is really important. So long as the unit is consistent within itself then having another unit look better is fine with me.

      • Ha, my hardest part about magnetizing is going back way later with a new gun…oops, how did I do this again…

        • That’s what painting journal’s are great for. I admit I haven’t been the best with mine but I do try and remember to log my steps on painting something so I can always go back for a reference if needed.

          • Painting journals? You mean blogging right? That’s the whole reason I blog! haha

            • It depends really. If in your blogging you are documenting every step you took to paint every single thing you’re showing showing, then yes, you’re all set. I know I rarely cover that in my posts so instead I write it down. Whatever works ;)

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