Chaos Lord and Steed of Slaanesh: PIP #2-2

Chaos Lord & Steed of Slaanesh: Painting Progress #2

After my last short update with not much to see, I have something more worthwhile to show. As I said in the previous article, things weren’t going well with the steed and so I stripped the paint. The next day I got it primed again and was convinced I figured out a better way to do what I wanted, and I was right.

I won’t tell you what isn’t done, that’s pretty obvious, but the skin and scales are at this point. Something I realized is that even though I’ve worked hard on getting better at blending, sometimes a good old dry brush approach is the way to go. That’s what was catching me up the first time and caused me to strip it, just trying to do more than was required. Instead of all the advanced stuff, the scaled area was done with a dry brush, a wash and then another dry brush. The skin areas were a base coat, wash and highlight. At the end of the day, as long as you’re happy with it then who cares what techniques it took, right?

When I get to the armor, that will be blended though. It’s one thing I’ve said over and over, and sometimes I just need to listen to my own advice, is not everything has to be done amazingly well but pick out something and really make it pop. That one thing can carry the rest of the model. So, that’s how I plan to bridge the gap between quality and speed.

You’ll also notice I’ve done some work on the base. As it stands, minus the sand, snow and ice, what you see is done. I really tried to get some realistic looks to the trees and rocks. As someone who lives in Maine, a state that’s 90% woodland (literally), I know that trees aren’t just brown or some single color. Tree bark is an interesting mix of colors. So, when I did the bark I worked with red, brown, green, grey and even some fleshy tones. The inside of the tree was the same but I started with a greener and lighter color to begin with. The rocks I did simpler. Rocks often have various tones as well but I didn’t want them to blend in too much with the trees. Rocks are just greys and some sepia to tone it down a bit.

I’m happy with how this is coming out. The earlier setback really grated on me but if it wasn’t for that then I probably wouldn’t have done what you see now, so I suppose it happened for a reason.

Update: The model is complete. See the painted Chaos Lord on Steed of Slaanesh.

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Chaos Lord & Steed of Slaanesh: Painting Progress #2
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