Chaos Marines: Quick Tournament Report & Pondering

Chaos: Sad FaceYesterday my FLGS held an 1,850 tournament that allowed Imperial Armor. I brought along Chaos Marines using this list: . The list was an experiment. I’ve never thrown down a real death star unit and wanted to give it go. I only managed a few practice games with it before the tournament, none of which went well for me.

First game was against Daemons. Turn #1 saw him mishap his 7 x Crushers (I think it was 7), and they died. He misshaped Uraka, a FW Daemon Prince, and I got to place him. I put him in front of a bunch of my guns and mowed him down on my turn. He also misshaped some Horrors, if I recall, and they went back into reserves. With so much going wrong for him I was able to work towards the objectives without a ton of resistance and won the game 28-3.

Second game was against Necrons. Not a lot went well for me this game. One amusing moment was 12’ish Scarabs charging Abaddon and what remained of his Terminator retinue. Abaddon took out 6’ish bases on his own (S8 instant death), and another base or two went down to a Terminator fist. By the end of combat the Scarabs and Spyders had to make 24’ish fearless saves. The Spyders held on though, which was unfortunate for me in this case, and the Scarabs went down to the fearless saves.

Beyond that moment though, the game was controlled well by my opponent and I ended the game with a Rhino, 5 x Chaos Marines and one Obliterator left alive, losing the game 32-1.

Final game, also against Necrons. This was one of those games that appeared closer than the score would indicate. The Necron list was your standard writhing worldscape list and it was effective. Between that and a few failed key rolls, I lost this one 33-1.

There you have it. It was a fun day. I got my head kicked in the last two games but the players are cool and it’s the local tournament scene so there really isn’t any major asshats to deal with.

That being said, lately I’m continually finding myself discouraged in my 40K games. In March I picked up my Orks again to prepare for a tournament that was held in April. During that time my record with the Orks was 0 wins, 7 losses and 1 draw. After swearing off my Orks again for some unforseen duration, I went back to Chaos, an army I’ve done really well with. Since that move my Chaos record is 3 wins, 6 losses and 1 draw, the worst string of games I’ve had with Chaos since starting them.

Ultimately records mean nothing but it does show how, for some reason, my gaming ability seems to be on the decline and it’s aggravating. I won’t blame bad dice rolls, a weak codex or any number of factors I could point a finger at that aren’t me. Things like that may contribute but are by no means THE reason I’m in such a rut lately.

I do want to experiment a lot more with the Chaos codex. The problem I’m having with it at the moment is the rumors. With 6th edition being around the corner, it would seem, and Chaos sometime soon, as rumors have it, I’m having a hard time investing cash into the army. I just don’t want to pick up things that become obsolete for one reason or another. Also, who knows what new toys Chaos will get or how 6th edition will change the 40K scene? There’s new kits I’ll likely need to buy and so I’m keeping my money close at hand for such an event.

The problem there is that leaves me with a limited collection to pull from and only so many lists I can run. I think I need to suck it up and get over my fear and invest a little money into the army. I mean, if the new Chaos codex is like four months out then that’s a lot of games to be played.

  • sad sad chaos

    dreadclaws are fun ;)

    • I would have fielded them but any IA stuff was supposed to be WYSIWYG and I don’t have the real models for it :(

  • My worldeaters are not so patiently awaiting the new codex.

    • I’m not sure any of us are patiently waiting :)

      • im still killing stuff with them i just want some new toys lol

  • bkbutlerme

    You need a coach…
    Regardless, wait for the Chaos codex and new rulebook before any major new investments. Save up till then and get your ongoing projects completed. Focus Focus Focus on what is going well and wrong, and keep improving.

  • khorneinquisitor

    Unfortuneatly, the current meta is very much Necron (which win or lose, for some reason are never all that fun to play for me). In a tourney of 12 people, we had 3 Necrons. Ouch. That said, you know assaults well. You know ranges, you know rules, and generally the games I have played against you you have had assault to thank for your victories. I say, if you invest, invest in some raptors. But better yet, I vote proxy them with assault marines for the time being.

    THAT said, I’ll be there on Wednesday with 2,000 points. You can stomp me to get your confidence back up.

    • So, I’m not the only one who isn’t a fan of playing the new Necrons. I can’t quite place my finger on what it is about them that annoys me. Last tournament I faced them twice also with much the same results.
      Raptors are a unit I’ve considered. As you said, proxy them for now and see what happens.

      • bkbutlerme

        I find Necrons to be a challenge, but not unbeatable. You just have to have the right tools for the job. And that means doing some homework…

        • I’m pretty well aware of what they have going on at this point. The trick is handling them with Chaos. I’ve no doubt I’d do a lot better with my loyalist Marines against Necrons because I can cheaply and easily field the heavy weapons I need, if for no other reason.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Yeah, Necrons irk me for 2 reasons. 1: the rules are very wonky and often, as I don’t own a codex, I feel as if they are being manipulated (unintentionally or not). Perfect example is the pinning thing. Because they have so many abilities, it’s confusing and he rationalized that he can use a power while pinned (and after pointing out where it says he can’t now, some Necron players still argue it!). It feels like blatant rules manipulation sometimes. and 2 is the TYPE of players that often (not always) play necrons. The same type that the GKs drew, and still draw. I don’t enjoy games against them, and will openly turn them down for a game on a wednesday.

        For the army, I say use the deathstar option, but use it with raptors. If you have a generic lord of chaos with wings, a daemon weapon, mark of slaanesh (so you have the ID thing for big things) or a mark of tzeentch (for invuln and you can take the daemonic steed to give you +1 attack and make him jump infantry for cheaper and give him a nice shooting attack with the daemon weapon). Stick him in a nice size clump of raptors (10-20), give them flamers, and have a sorceror of slaanesh with lash. This allows you to play the cover game with the raptors, bounce around, and pull things forward with lash, followed by flamers, and assault. I feel as if you are trying to force the special characters into your army and they are modifying how I have seen you play well in the past. I say play the army how you want and let the build represent that, not play to how you have built.

        Just my two cents man.

      • khorneinquisitor

        Oh, and give the raptors mark of Khorne for that +1 attack, giving you 4 on the charge. With 10 alone that gives you 40 attacks plus the chaos lord. That’s a lot of attacks.

        • If I run Raptors then I feel they’re going to be better suited with Mark of Slaanesh to get to I5. It’s what makes Berzerkers good, amongst other things, is furious charge for I5 charging in.

          The downside to Raptors is they are not fearless. It’s the annoyance with undivided units. That’s another reason I like the Mark of Slaanesh. Going first and getting hit back less often because you’ve killed a few means less chance of needing to make a morale test…in theory at least.

          Of course the other downside to Raptors is their cost considering what you’re getting. Berzerkers do what Raptors do better for marginally more points. Raptors do gain special weapons and of course jump packs but lack fearless and furious charge. It’s all food for thought at least.

  • hippie

    I think you should go back to your dual prince or prince/greater daemon list. Just keep the prince(s) in reserves till you can get rid of some opponents heavy weapons. The lash will be more useful at the same time. AND you won’t need to invest in anything to boot.

    • Reserving the Princes is definitely worth trying out. In order to make that work, and my lists in general, I’ve got an idea I’m going to try out on Wednesday.

  • Todd Bolduc

    Yeah, Necrons are really annoying. Probably fun for the people playing them,. but less so for their opponents. Stupid crap like Orikan+Writhing Worldscape or constant Night Fight doesn’t make them any more fun, either. They’re the army that is allowed to break all of the basic tenets of the game right now, and no amount of “tactics” can allow you to plan or adapt to it. That’s what makes people cranky about Necrons.

    • hippie

      For Daemons it’s no more frustrating than DE or BA. Since I rely on melee attacks to open tanks it’s just frustrating to catch and then hit. Having invuls everywhere means I at least get a save when dangerous terrain comes up. I do like that we had 3 totally different lists Saturday instead of 3 identical power builds like typical new codex produce.

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