Chaos Possessed Champion – Sculpting Continues

I’m still working on my Chaos Possessed conversions/sculpting ever so slowly. The one model in the bunch that’s close to being finished is the Champion. The last time I took a group shot it was hard to see much of anything really. Plus, the work was really preliminary with seemingly little direction. Well, as I get going with sculpting I eventually get an idea for a direction (I wing it at the beginning), and this Possessed Champion is coming together.

He’s not complete but you can at least tell what I’m doing with him. I still have to finish up the arm blades. I’m covering the plasticard thinly and giving it a bit of texture so it’s not so plain. I’m also still working on the armor trim on the “hands”. I also plan to add some texture to the hands as well; probably some small bone protrusions and such. After that I think it’s just some cleanup and fixing whatever mistakes I find.

Unfortunately this unit is going on the back-shelf for now. In about four weeks there is a big local 40K tournament and this unit won’t be part of that list. I know I won’t have time to get at least five of the Possessed finished with sculpting and painted in time, at least not if I don’t want to rush it and I don’t. Instead I’ll be building three Bikes for a Gorepack formation. I’m not sure I’ll manage to get them built and painted in time either but it’s more likely than the Possessed. I’ll be writing a secondary list just in case that uses only models that are already painted. Speaking of, I really should finish those lists…

  • The possessed champ’s got a face only a mother can love. :)

    Nice progression and clean (as in non-Nurgle) sculpts, keep it up.

    • Thanks.

      I think the last time I did any serious sculpting was on my Plague Marines come to think of it. Nurgle is fun to sculpt but yeah, being an undivided warband I didn’t want to lean any one way with the look.

  • Looking good. Obviously still WiP, but so far, so good!

    • Thanks. I really wish I had the time to get this unit done. Hate setting aside projects.

  • That is just nasty, good sculpting but man that guy looks nasty. So bravo on that :)

    Good luck on the lists.

    • He’s just a big killy cuddly kind of guy :)

  • stats

    Very cool I like you choose that head for those legs, because it is angry, but also a bit suffering, like “I’ll kill all of you or -please- kill me”! Also the mutation very well sculpted help a lot this interpretation. It is IMHO a good idea to do not rush, you have done a good sculpting work, it deserve calm to be painted.

    Ah, now I want to see the bikes!

    • Thank you.

      I will not rush the Possessed. I’ve done it before and regretted it. They will be done when they are done :)

      The Bikes are nothing special; just the normal Chaos Bike kit. Hopefully I can get them painted in time.

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  • Sculpting is looking good Thor. Looking forward to your progress with this guy. Your creative skills have really jumped ahead this past year!

    • Thanks. Now if only I had more time to play around with those creative skills…

  • Nice one dude. He is shaping up into something horrific (in a good way ;) )

    • Thank you. I’m pretty pleased it’s finally coming together.

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