Possessed Champion: WIP #2-2

Chaos Possessed Champion – Sculpting Continues

I’m still working on my Chaos Possessed conversions/sculpting ever so slowly. The one model in the bunch that’s close to being finished is the Champion. The last time I took a group shot it was hard to see much of anything really. Plus, the work was really preliminary with seemingly little direction. Well, as I get going with sculpting I eventually get an idea for a direction (I wing it at the beginning), and this Possessed Champion is coming together.

He’s not complete but you can at least tell what I’m doing with him. I still have to finish up the arm blades. I’m covering the plasticard thinly and giving it a bit of texture so it’s not so plain. I’m also still working on the armor trim on the “hands”. I also plan to add some texture to the hands as well; probably some small bone protrusions and such. After that I think it’s just some cleanup and fixing whatever mistakes I find.

Unfortunately this unit is going on the back-shelf for now. In about four weeks there is a big local 40K tournament and this unit won’t be part of that list. I know I won’t have time to get at least five of the Possessed finished with sculpting and painted in time, at least not if I don’t want to rush it and I don’t. Instead I’ll be building three Bikes for a Gorepack formation. I’m not sure I’ll manage to get them built and painted in time either but it’s more likely than the Possessed. I’ll be writing a secondary list just in case that uses only models that are already painted. Speaking of, I really should finish those lists…

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The possessed champ’s got a face only a mother can love. :)

Nice progression and clean (as in non-Nurgle) sculpts, keep it up.


Looking good. Obviously still WiP, but so far, so good!


That is just nasty, good sculpting but man that guy looks nasty. So bravo on that :)

Good luck on the lists.

stats DGDWH

Very cool I like you choose that head for those legs, because it is angry, but also a bit suffering, like “I’ll kill all of you or -please- kill me”! Also the mutation very well sculpted help a lot this interpretation. It is IMHO a good idea to do not rush, you have done a good sculpting work, it deserve calm to be painted.

Ah, now I want to see the bikes!


Sculpting is looking good Thor. Looking forward to your progress with this guy. Your creative skills have really jumped ahead this past year!


Nice one dude. He is shaping up into something horrific (in a good way ;) )