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Chaos Predator – Assembled and Painting Has Commenced

Those who follow me on social media will have seen some progress updates on the Chaos Predator. However, I realized I haven’t shared anything here since stripping the paint and tearing it apart. So, picture time!

Chaos Predator Gallery


So, since the last update, the model got put together finally. Working with so much metal was a HUGE pain in the ass. I have never filed, sanded, and filled so much on a single model. A lot of modeling work was done to repair this beast. A lot. It’s still not perfect, but I’m happy. At some point you have to give up on perfect and go for workable.

The lascannon sponsons are plastic needle tips used for drawing and mixing fluids. I used them before on my Helbrute’s lascannon I created, so I figured they’d fit in with my army on the Predator.

I had tried to do some modeling on them to make them a bit more lascannony, but each thing I tried just didn’t look right. In the end I said screw it and left them as-is.


As for painting, I’ve made a fair bit of progress. Shading is done, and some highlighting (blending) is also done; though I do have to smooth out a few of the blends. I still have to do edge highlights and paint the tracks as well.

I haven’t touched the turret yet beyond basecoating. I meant to put it on for the shots, but I forgot. Doh!

Lastly, the stylized Chaos star was an experiment and a cover up. I had some blending I couldn’t fix to save my life, so I figured I’d cover up the problematic areas. I’ve always liked the look of imperfect, streaky painting, so I went for it on the star. I really like how it came out as well.


One thing I was considering with the star was glazing it with a red. If I do that then it will take on a fleshy scar-like appearance. It would look a bit like what I did on my Knight.

Chaos Knight Titan - Showcase #12

It wouldn’t exactly match that, as the process for the star was different, but it would resemble it.

What do you all think: leave it white or go fleshy?

Update: You can check out the now painted Chaos Predator.

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Chaos Predator – Assembled and Painting Has Commenced
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