Chaos Sorcerer: PIP #2-2

Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor: Paint in Progress #2

I managed a little time since the last update to work on this Sorcerer. It’s not a big change from the first update at a glance, but I did manage to finish the shading and highlights on the main body. I also put his arms on there (magnetized), for the shots to give an idea what the finished product may look like.

I’m still playing with getting better pictures, my ongoing struggle. This time I did manage to get shots that weren’t grainy and the lighting is more accurate; it was too bright last time.

As I mentioned going into this, my big thing with this model is to do some quick and dirty blending. I like blending but not so much the slow build up to get those perfect blends. It’s just too time consuming for what little time I have these days to paint. Plus, I like the grittier look you when it’s not a perfect transition; it suits these models.

I will likely do some touch-ups on the main part of the body but I feel it’s good. You can see I based the loincloth, so that’s the next step and then on to the metallics.


You can see the fully painted Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor showcase.

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He is really starting to come together man.