Chaos Sorcerer: PIP #3-2

Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor: Paint in Progress #3

I’m having a blast painting this model, and the result is that I seem to find more time to paint him. This is a pretty significant update since the previous, as I know the first two didn’t seem like much of anything.

At this point, barring that I forgot something, what you see with paint on it is done. Just realized I forgot to paint the soft armor behind the knees. Obviously I have to paint the base part and such, but the Terminator component is completed. I have to do the arms of course.

I have opted to not do anything OSL on here. I will on his staff when I get there, but I want the model to speak for itself. Plus, I did a ton of OSL on Warforce, and I don’t want this model to have the same approach.

I’m pretty damn happy with this model at this point. My goal with this model was to work on a blending technique that looked good without a huge time investment, and I think I might have gotten there, or I’m least be on the road. The reality is that this model is a prototype, but I’m still happy with the results.

Update: Feel free to jump to the now painted Chaos Sorcerer in Terminator Armor.

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Looking good Thor. I will have to step up my game to match you.

Michael Schreiner
Michael Schreiner

This is looking good! Painting models you love just makes the hobby aspect that much better.

I just got this model from our 40K Secret Santa exchange and am looking forward to trying some new modeling and painting techniques while making a Khorne sorcerer for my fluffy Khorne army.


Coming along nicely dude. Really like the blue shade on the armour.

Joe Baird

I’m really liking the blue as well, especially how it fades into the black. It’s amazing how you can get motivated when you are painting something you enjoy :-)