Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Sorcerer Warforce – PIP #1

Chaos Sorcerer Warforce: PIP #1There isn’t much to see with this but I hate doing workbench updates without showing something. As you can see, I’ve started work on Warforce, my Chaos Sorcerer. He’s the one I was doing all the writing about lately so I was feeling inspired to get some paint on him.

Sorry for the lousy shot but it’s early, I’m lazy and there isn’t much to see anyway ;)

It’s pretty early in the process and I’m just laying down base coats and figuring out color choices. Not all the white will be white either. The horns will get some washes and toned down, though not sure what color yet. The eye on the helm will be glowing, so I like to base coat in white when I’m doing that. The robes will remain white however. I wanted him to stand out and I wanted to try something different, so we’ll see how the white robes pan out. They will be muted down a lot with a heavy wash of black and then brought back up to white. I’m thinking of a dark red to trim the robes.

Chaos Sorcerer Warforce: WIP #3-1What you don’t see here is his winged backpack (counts-as jump pack), and his arms. The winged backpack has me trying to figure out what color to do for it. Here’s a shot to show what it looks like. I need to determine a flesh color for the “arms” of it and something for the webbing on the wings. If there’s one thing that’s hard with a split paint scheme it’s finding other color choices that work on the model for details and stuff like this.

Next time I’m sure I’ll have some good progress to show and the model will, hopefully, be coming together.

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