Chaos Sorcerer Warforce: PIP #3-5

Thor’s Workbench: Chaos Sorcerer Warforce (PIP #3)

I really wanted to get shots of Warforce, my Chaos Space Marines Sorcerer, fully completed today to post up, but the basing I do can take up to 24 hours to dry. So, I figured I’d get a few more shots up until that’s done.

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WIP Shots

I love to magnetize, so these parts are all magnetized. The winged backpack counts as a jump pack, and the arms are self-explanatory.


I’m rather happy with how these parts came out. For power weapons I’ve been moving away from my technique of painting the entire weapon the glowing color and doing it more like this with glowing edges. I like how it comes out this way because I maintain the details on the sword and get contrast against the black of the blade.

The wings were a bit of an experiment. I painted the fleshy parts Genestealer Purple to start and did the webbed part of the wings Ghost Grey (Vallejo color) in the streaky method you see repeatedly. I then washed it all with Carroburg Crimson and highlighted the fleshy parts back up to Genestealer Purple and mixed with white for the highest points. I think it came out well with both areas blending together while being slightly different.

As I mentioned, I’m working on basing Warforce now, so tomorrow I will get him sealed and hopefully get some final shots up then.

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