Checking In

Checking In

Things have been slow lately. I know some people dislike seeing posts like this, as it happens to all of us – life, I just like to post something when I can even if it’s something like this. I’d consider many of you friends, and not just random people, so posts like this have value in my eyes.

Checking InI have done very little hobby work the past few weeks. With the time spent with family and dealing with the loss of my mother-in-law, I just have had no motivation. Whenever I have some free time I just find myself doing mindless stuff like watching TV, playing PC games, reading blogs, etc. I’m sure once things normalize a bit I’ll get back into the groove. I want to paint and work on stuff but my mind isn’t fully behind it yet. Soon I hope.

I have managed to almost finish my Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut. I’m working on basing him, when the mood strikes me. The dirt is down, the ice is down, so now I just have to put the snow on there and it’s done. Once I finally get that completed I need to finish off some small stuff like my Berzerker Skull Champion, a few plasma pistol arms for the Berzerkers, some meltaguns for Bikes, stuff like that. After the effort of this Herald I look forward to some easier small projects like that.

Gaming has continued pretty much on schedule every week. I’m still struggling with my Khorne Daemonkin a bit, though I feel I’ve worked out some solutions. The issue there is just not having the cash to pick up some things I feel would help the army out. An issue many of us run into. I’ll probably start running the army as Chaos Space Marines again to mix it up a bit. I’ll bounce between the two, CSM and KDK. As CSM I have more options available with my collection where, despite loving Khorne, as KDK I’m pretty limited and playing a limited force eventually wears on you.

Speaking of, I will be playing Kamui tonight as he finally tests out the new Eldar Codex. I’m pretty sure I’ve been his first opponent every single time he’s broken in a codex since 2006 and so the trend continues. I will be bringing along my Khorne Daemonkin for the game seeing as how Kamui hasn’t seen them yet. Depending on lighting at his place I might do a video battle report. I haven’t done one in a long while (they’re a ton of work), so it might be time to do another.

I suppose that about covers it for now. Hopefully soon things can resume on a normal schedule here on the blog and in life.

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Checking In
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