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Chronicles of Thor – Ghosts and a Tutorial, Oh My!

I’ve made it to posting a second one of these where I chat a bit about what I’m doing, what’s going on, whatever.

Blood Bowl

In a disappointing season, I only managed one actual league game. Well, I did get to play two friendlies, but only one game for the season, which sucks.

This is the 3rd season I’ve run at my FLGS, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that there are always people who simply do not play at all. These people will sign up, have all the intentions in the world, but never manage an actual game.

It’s aggravating to watch everyone else play games and you can’t because your opponents flaked on the entire season.

I do get into the playoffs to face the one opponent in my division who actually played a game – the game against me.

Oh, if you didn’t see, Cadaver just painted up some awesome Nurgle’s Rotters.


So, I did get to play some Nightvault last week after a month break. I was playing my Reavers since I didn’t have time to properly go through Nightvault, but my opponent was playing the Eyes of Nine warband.

In that game I got to see most of the new elements that Nightvault introduced to the game. There was also a fair bit of rule checking to be 100% sure we were handling things right. I hate to assume I’m right on something, especially if it’s new to a game, and start learning something incorrectly.

Overall, the magic element wasn’t earth-shattering. It’s neat, flavorful, but isn’t going to completely alter the course of the game, which I like. I’m sure there’s some nice tricks out there, I just mean the game isn’t fundamentally altered.

While my opponent struggled and complained a bit about his Eyes of Nine warband, I found myself liking them. They seem to require a bit of finesse, but not quite as much as say Skaven. The warband seems to really reward smart play and isn’t really an auto-pilot warband, like my lovely Reavers are.

Thorns of the Briar Queen

Speaking of, I have begun working on the Nighthaunt warband. My goal with them is tabletop quality. With 7 in the warband, I can’t put in the effort on each model as I have on the smaller warbands. It takes me months as it is to get 4 models done, never mind 7.

Still, I think they’re coming along pretty well. Here’s a few shots of models in various stages I’ve been working on.

Also, I did do a video tutorial on painting them using the Hexwraith Flame technical paint.

I am also rusting up their weapons for some interest using the same technique I did on my Steelheart’s Champions. It’s pretty quick and easy on this warband with so little metal to do.

I don’t know anything about this warband other than the very basics. I haven’t opened the new cards yet or anything, I just knew I wanted to play this warband.

Hopefully it won’t take me too long to get the warband ready/painted. Once the Blood Bowl season wraps up completely I’ll be able to get into Nightvault mode.

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Chronicles of Thor – Ghosts and a Tutorial, Oh My!
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