Chronicles of Thor #5

Chronicles of Thor #5: Gaming, Painting, and Brushes

Quite a bit going on since last I chronicled. Let’s see what I can remember though…

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Blackstone Fortress

I got to play this with Kamui a few weeks back. I honestly knew nothing of the game beyond the basic setting. My lack of interest in 40K has included anything in the setting.

So, getting to play the game meant learning everything. I mean, that goes without saying with a new game, but as I said – I knew nothing at all about this game.

Blackstone Fortress

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Our goal was to learn how the game worked, not to play it through conclusion. We played through a few explorations, worked through the precipice stuff, etc.

I tried out a few heros. I tried the Rein & Raus (Ratling twins), Dahyak Grekh (Kroot dude), the Imperial Robot, and the Healer guy. Yeah, some names elude me and I can’t be bothered to look them up ;)

I really, really enjoyed the Ratling twins. Such a fun and different style of play. I also really liked the Healer/Priest guy. He heals and he’s not a slouch at combat like your typical healers in games.

It’s a little tricky to learn at first, but once we got through our first combat it all went quickly from there.

The game was a lot of fun and I can definitely see playing it again.

Efreeti Giveaway

Last Chronicle I was working on the Efreeti Emir model for a Twitter giveaway. Well, since then I finished painting him and I gave him away.

The winner was Dragon Prince Rob.

Efreeti Emir #1

The model was fun to work on, I learned a lot, and I’m glad he now has a home where he’ll get some use.

Undead Blood Bowl Team

I need to come up with a proper team name.

Anyway, I started painting up the Undead team.

As you’ll see, I’m going with a dark purple and then some orange accents where I can sneak them in. I’m also using black as a secondary color with the purple here and there.

I like making each model unique, so I don’t match up everything model to model, and you’ll see I always played around with some Zombie skin tones quite a bit.

These shots are the last I took of each while working on them. So, these are all done and will get proper shots when the team is ready.

The other thing I’m doing with the team is keeping with learning NMM. So, you’ll see some attempts at NMM on these models, some better than others, but I’m learning.

I’m having a lot of fun working on the team and taking my sweet time with them. I can’t wait to get to the fun models like the Wights, Mummies, and Ghouls.

The Undead team is now fully painted if you want to see pictures :)

New Paint Brushes!

I’ve been in the hobby since 2006. In those years I’ve used some very cheap brushes. The past few years I’ve tried the Citadel brushes, which have been hit or miss. Some of those GW brushes will last for months and months while others die in weeks.

Well, I finally decided to spend a little money and got myself some Raphael 8404 Kolinsky brushes.

Raphael 8404 Kolinsky Brushes

I’ve used these a few times since I got them and I love them. They hold an amazing point and the bristles are very soft. The large belly lets me load up the brushes with a lot of paint as well.

Anyone who says that you’re better off using cheap brushes because they’ll get destroyed is certainly not taking care of their brushes well, and also has certainly not used something like this.

I highly recommend these if you’re after a brush upgrade.

Update: I’ve since put together a guide to paint brushes if you’re curious about your options.

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Really liking how those undead are coming along. The flesh tones especially are working well.

Haven’t tried black stone fortress yet either, due to my own malaise with 40k at the mo. I’m just not interested in anything to do with 40k :(

As I said on Facebook, been really hit or miss with the Raphael brushes. The first lot I got were excellent, but the last 2 have been utter disasters. Hope the keep for you though. A good paintbrush is critical to painting (in my opinion), just like a wet palette


Blackstone Fortress is a whole lot of fun. I find I like these peeks into the smaller scope areas of 40K and AoS far more interesting than the full-scale Wargame stuff.

Stuff like that Undead team is perfect for fooling around and trying new stuff and not worrying about whether or not it’s consistent from one Model to the next. I look forward to seeing the full photoshoot.

I think I’m starting to hit the point where I need to look into getting at least one really good brush. The GW ones are fine for mid-level stuff, and I’m going to keep my cheapo ones around for all the drybrushing and such that I do, but I really feel like a better brush for fine detail work would have made that Ogroid Thaumaturge and some other similar projects much less troublesome.

Ed OMalley

Don’t hold off on getting a quality brush or two. I got my first W&N for Christmas this year and it has been a revelation. Highly recommended.

Ed OMalley

Just recently got a W&N brush as a Christmas gift and it’s been fabulous. There’s still a place for Army Painter/Citadel brushes, but I think I will want to have a couple of quality brushes in my arsenal from now on.

Rory (Stepping Between Games)

Looks like you have been busy. Really looking forward to seeing what you can pull off with the new brushes.

I am really interested in Blackstone Fortress and Kill Team at the moment. Not so much general 40K games.


Glad you got some good brushes they make a world of difference. Also nice to see progress now that football season is wound up I’ll try to be more obnoxious. Your undead are coming along nicely, but I gotta ask what’s your next big project? I’m chewing thru a death guard commission right now then I think on to titanicus. As per usual me I’ve been on my quantity vs. quality last month in 14 days I punched out a human team a dwarf team 5 blood angel aggressors an 10 black orcs.

Anyway what’s going on what’s up what’s your big push for the year? Missed you at the standoff the painting competition seemed hollow. My goal is to get good with the airbrush I’ve had one for years but never actually got really good with it.

Anyway brain dump off hope all is well and we sync up sometime at the shop. Also that YouTube channel you linked too a few articles back is amazing.