Chronicles of Thor #6

Chronicles of Thor #6: Undead Painting Progress & Shameless Plugs

Here’s the random stuff I’ve been up to.

Undead Blood Bowl Team

This has been my big push the past 4 weeks or so, my Undead team. It’s also what I pledged for Squaduary.

The beginning of March will be the start of a new season of Blood Bowl at my FLGS, so I’m pushing to make sure I get the team all painted. It’s looking promising too.

That last Wight is halfway done at this point. What’s left goes quick enough.

Once I wrap that Wight up then it’s on to painting two Mummies – the last of the models.

After that, I have to finish the basing on them (you’ll see a few test ones above), and get them magnetized for my A-Case.

I do still have the tokens and stuff to work on, but that’s not too big of a deal.

I got the team done and have lots of pictures to show.

A Name…

I still have yet to come up with a name for this team. I don’t like to name my teams anything punny from the NFL, and my knowledge of old Warhammer lore is lacking, making it tough.

So far I’ve struggled to come up with:

  • Royal Pains
  • Dreaming Dead
  • Living Nightmare

Of those I’d lean towards Dreaming Dead, but none of them are really screaming to me either.

So, if you have any suggestions then I’d love to hear them!

Warhammer Underworlds

I’ve been playing this weekly as usual and focusing on Magore’s Fiends, which I seem to have finally gotten into a groove with.

It’s been tough to get in games though. Where I play has seen a huge hit in attendance. When I got into Underworlds about a year ago, we’d routinely have 8 players show up. It was great to just play different people all night long.

Now, I’m lucky to even get in a game, and some nights I don’t.

That seems to be the nature of the gamers there though. There’s huge swings in game popularity. I think there’s just way too many gaming butterflies in the area, which rather sucks.

It’s also seriously sucking dry my desire to play. It sucks to make time every week to drive out to a store, hoping to get in a game, and sitting around more often than not. It’s starting to feel like my time would be better spent doing nearly anything else.

Looking for Authors

A semi-regular reminder that I’m always after people interested in writing for us. The game doesn’t matter and it doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbyist or a gamer. If you feel you can contribute something interesting then let me know.

Write for Us

Miniature Hobby Tutorials

Also, another reminder about my side-project that’s Miniature Hobby Tutorials. It’s a tutorial directory site where everything is submitted by you, the community. It’s a great way to get more eyes on any awesome tutorials you’ve done.

You may have noticed that Tutofig has disappeared. They decided to close their doors in November of 2018, and I’m hoping that Miniature Hobby Tutorials can fill the void they’ve left.

So, check it out, share with your friends, find some great tutorials, and send in any you have.

Miniature Hobby Tutorials

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Really loving the Wights from the new Undead BB-team! The contrast of the massive Armour and the super thin legs is hilarious!
It’s been a while since GW turned “the old world” into “the world that was”, but I think purple and yellow were the colors of the Empire region Ostermark. You may have heard of their capital city; Mordheim…


Blimey, You’re making some serious progress for Squaduary, I haven’t built a model yet.
The models look great and not just because I love purple ;-)
I’m not well up on the old world and know even less about American Football but here are some words that jumped into my head.
Cryptkickers (Carstein’s Cryptkickers?)
Grave Wardens/walkers/runners


I second the Cryptkickers. Living Nightmare sounds too Nighthaunt, and there’s a song called The Dreaming Dead that is basically the complete opposite of football, so I can’t take that one seriously. Also, with Cryptkickers, you’ve got the potential for Crypt Keeper references.

Also, the cape on that Wight is absolutely awesome. Great work!

Benito Senence
Benito Senence

They look great! It is a bummer about the attendance. I was able to go way back but alas work has taken that night away from me. I do hope to have a match against you in Blood Bowl, we missed each other last season!

Rory (Stepping Between Games)

Liking the progress there chief. Could I suggest the Royal Dead for a name? Few members of royalty in an area died and got made wights and mummies, the rest are servants.

Shame about Underworlds and all. The smaller systems seem to come and go quite quickly these days.


Dead By Dawn!