Cleaning House and The Great Purge

downloadWell officially the great purge was last weekend, it had been awhile since one of those I’m too old for this moments but alas there I was mad at my self for making stupid freshmen mistakes. But the week got better from there…I think, in the way the week is almost over.

Anywho yeah onto some hobby business. After my last post Thor basically said hey dummy if you don’t mind the thought of selling your stuff just sell it….so I did. Well I am in the process of doing so.


Here is my Fully Painted Khorne Warband

Here is the Misc. Chaos Army

If you are interested and in the area let me know before any bid has been made and we can cut a better deal for all parties. With any luck I will be making the pilgrimage down to xroads for the tourny this weekend so I can bring stuff along if any one is interested.

I also have an unpainted forge world hell blade fighter available that is not in any auction. At this point I know I have more stuff too off load but I am getting rid of the big projects I don’t have interest in first. There may be more to come.

Enough shameless plugging on too my shameless army list for this weekend. I am super excited it has probably been two years or so since I competed in a normal weekend type tournament event, hell I don’t even care if its a tournament just shooting to get 3 games in and get out of my hobbit hole for a few hours. I will have my white scars in tow this weekend. The list is not uber by any means, I should probably find a way to cheese out a bit more but it is my basic well rounded space marine build that I have been playing since sixth dropped.

Captain on bike
2 Tactical Squads
1 Razorback
Assault Terminators
Storm Raven
Bike Squad

There are some other fiddly bits in there but that is the basic direction it goes. I am working on building up some Deathwatch marines as sternguard but due to work and life not a whole lot of progress has been made.

On too goals for the year so there is no point to have a goal if you aren’t going to track it.
Being Fat -> 7.5% complete with my goal
Not buying a model until all my current models are painted -> good so far (and I am about to have a lot fewer models)
Painting 30 Oil paintings by the end of the year -> 26 to go though the last one wasn’t any good
IC Hobby Progress Challenge – after I purge the chaos stuff this weekend I will dig in and see what models I have to try to participate in this but at this point it may be a no go.
Financial Soundness -> Doing well especially once I get my w-2

Well short post I will have a better one next time! Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Good luck on the auctions and grats on the weight loss.

    Hope to see you Saturday and maybe we’ll get a rematch.

  • khorneinquisitor

    The hell blade is a bit pricey for me otherwise I would take that off your hands.

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