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40K Comic Book Battle Report – Chaos Marines vs Grey Knights

I was going to give a dull intro to this with the usual stuff I say proceeding a battle report. Instead, I’ll change it up a bit.

I have been using Abaddon a lot lately. He’s finally where he should be in terms of effectiveness (in my opinion), and it’s hard to not try him out. I’ve had a lot of luck with him in my games, so I’m trying to build something solid with him at the core.

As for the game below, I do not yet own an Abaddon model. I’m going to buy the awesome one that Wargame Exclusive sells once it’s back in stock. Meanwhile, he’s the terminator Sorcerer in the report named Maelstrom.


Disciples of Twilight vs Grey Knights


It was a great game. Early on I put a lot of hurt on my opponent. I was rolling well, he wasn’t. I was confident by turn #2 that I had the game. However, as Maelstrom games go, he was able to climb back into the fight and take the lead to win the game.

The Grand Master in Dreadknight was insane this game. The model won him the game. Not only was it blowing over my units, it was making saves like a champ. I just could not touch it.

I’m still really liking Abaddon. It’s hard not to I think. He didn’t do anything amazing this game, but his aura buffs were useful, and he did remove Draigo.

Saturday is the 1,750pt tournament we’ve all been preparing for, so let’s see how I do with this list there.

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