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Community Pimp: 3rd Week of December

Here’s the articles in the blogosphere that I found of particular interest this week.

Claws & Fists: Underdogs… – TheBaron has started a new series where he takes a codex and picks an undervalued unit and gives his feedback on it, to get you to think about the unit. He kicks off the series with…you’ll have to read it.

Bringer of Victory: Looking Back – Nikephoros discusses the year in review: what drew a lot of attention, his own achievements, his failures and what he’s looking forward to. It’s a nice honest article and has me debating doing my own.

dzer0: 40k Elves and Angels: Las/Plas Conversion – DZER0 shows his ingenious process for making a magnetized las/plas turret for a Razorback. Think I’m stealing this one on my next Razorback.

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Community Pimp: 3rd Week of December
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