Community Pimp: 4th Week of December

This week’s pimping is a bit small since I’ve had little time to read blogs this week. I’m writing this on Thursday to automatically post on Sunday since I won’t be home until late Sunday night. Next week things should pick up.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and I’ll see you next week!

World of Wonder – [Weekly Whimsy] Lola is My Lady – Loq talks about how a single model can inspire.

Bringer of Victory – Better Playtesting: Improving Your Technical Ability – Nike gives some great advice on effective play testing.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the shout out!

  • Agreed, thanks very much for the pimping.

  • Glad to be of pimpin’ service.

  • Thanks for pointing out Bringer of Victory’s blog. Not sure how I never stumbled across his site before (or yours either, for that matter).

    • Eh, BoLS, FTW or HoP may have directed you this way.

      I see you added me to your blogroll, thanks. I added you to mine but for some reason the date of your last post isn’t being picked up and you’re sitting on the bottom of my blogroll perpetually.

      • Thanks for the add.

        Curiously enough, you’re not the first blog that happened on. The folks at
        Librarium Online and Heresy Online seem to have the same problem. Did you
        use my feedburner link for the RSS feed?

        • Yep, sure did.

          • Hrmmmmm…. curious. Luckily your blogroll is big enough that I can at
            least see me on the list. Oddly enough, it does have my recent post, but
            attributes no date to it?

            Everyone else has a “last changed” date, and that’s presumably why I show up
            on the bottom of the list.

            Digging further, my feedburner feed doesn’t have dates… That’s got to be
            the core problem. Hrmmm….

          • What feedburner plugin are you using? I wonder if mine just isn’t out of

            • I’m using FD Feedburner Plugin but all it does is change any links on the site that point to the normal WP RSS feed to instead point to the Feedburner feed. So, it doesn’t do anything regarding the feed itself.

              Check your Feedburner settings at I’ve had odd issues with mine at times and I’ve changed a setting or two that had no impact on the feed and saved it and it’s fixed things.

              • I think I found the culprit. Not sure how, but it was set to the source
                feed of the RSS 0.92 feed and not the RSS2 feed. Updated it now and sent
                out a test post, but it hasn’t updated on your page for some reason… ? I
                guess I’ll give it some time and check later.

                • You’re updated now and showing the last post time.

      • Oh, as a side note, you don’t seem to have a favicon set for your site, so
        my blogroll has you showing up as a broken link. Or maybe you’re just
        storing it in a non-default location?

        • Odd. No, it’s in the normal spot and if you right click the image and hit ‘view image’, assuming you use Firefox, it shows up. Alternatively you could copy image location and visit it that way. Either way it’s indeed where it should be.

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