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Community Pimp’n: 1st Week of April

Community Pimp'nFirst week of April, which means tax day is not far off, ug. Anyway, here’s some cool stuff worth checking out. Some of it is backdated from last week. I didn’t manage to get this up then so it’s carrying over into this week. So, here’s your Community Pimp’n:

Warhammer in Progress: Nurgle Defiler / Soul Grinder modeling update – Amazing Nurgle Defiler conversion he’s doing. This is the stage it was at last week when I saw it. But now…

Warhammer in Progress: Nurgle Defiler, modeling and base coat finished – it’s this far along. This thing will be amazing once completed.

Bringer of Victory: Better Playtesting: The Fallacy of Bad Match-Ups – Nike always has awesome articles and this one is about what the title implies.

Bringer of Victory: 40k Theory: Going For the Throat – Another of Nike’s articles. This one goes over how to finish off an opponent when you have the advantage. Good stuff.

Warhammer in Progress: Nurgle Army update… say Cheese! – A nice shot of the Nurgle army to date.

The Golden D6: Wargame Scenery – Trees II – I believe this to be a first for The Golden D6, being pimped here. Anyway, a simple yet really cool and effective tutorial on making some great looking trees. I’m definitely stealing this idea.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Krielstone Warlock – Nemesis [completed] – Dave continues to impress with his painting skills. Everything just came together so well with this model.

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Thanks for the pimp!
I can’t claim all the credit, my FLGS had some on display and I stole it too!