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Community Pimp’n #25

Community Pimp'nCommunity Pimp’n #25 is here! Below you will find awesome articles from around the blogosphere that you really should read if you haven’t yet. Make Pimp Bear happy and check out the cool stuff.

Greggles Tabletop: Light Up Your Hobby Space! (Or Paint in Darkness!)

If you’ve ever been curious about different lighting options for painting and hobby work then definitely check out Greggles’ review of his lamp as well as a collection of recommendations by other hobbyists; myself included!

Greggles Tabletop: Foldio Birthday Review, Paint Booth, and Ork Dreads!!!

Greg reviewed the Foldio, a compact light box, and shows off some shots using it. It’s a damn nice product. Also, you can see his work on his Ork walkers as well as his paint booth. He’s got a great setup going.

Castigator’s Chaos: The Castigators Chaos Space Marines

If you love beautiful models and enjoy army fluff then you really need to check out Castigator’s Chaos Space Marines. He has some amazingly sculpted/converted models and all dedicated to Slaanesh. They really are one of a kind. The accompanying fluff for each model and unit is really well written and breathes life into his army.

Tale of Painters: Tutorial: How to photograph Miniatures with an iPhone Smartphone

Garfy has been doing a series on photographing miniatures and this one in particular struck home since I do most of my photos with my iPhone. I have a digital camera but it’s really dated and my phone generally takes better shots. So, if you’re like me and using a phone for hobby shots then read up on some great tips to get better shots.


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Woo! Thanks for the links! Go carebear stare powers! Actually for a creepy time…this image makes me so uncomfortable.

I actually started a subsection of my site for blogger recommendations. IT hasn’t gone live yet, but I will eventually have it going for anything people suggestion so we don’t have to jump all over the blogsphere to find out which scrapping tool is recommended and why.