Community Pimp’n #26

The next installment of Community Pimp’n. Below are the awesome articles I’ve discovered that I wanted to share with you all so you can check them out too.

Thin Your Paint!: Revised Raven Guard Scouts

TheRhino is working on some Raven Guard Scouts and has done a great job changing up the typically dull standard Scouts into something more dynamic and interesting.

Sprue Grey: Khorne Helbrute – Part 1

Adam has a really cool and interesting Khorne Helbrute kitbash he’s working on. He’s got some great part choices I’d never have thought of using. This should look great once he’s done.

Cadian Shock: Builder your own Battle Reports – The Battle Directory

A fellow blogger and programmer, Cadian Shock, has created a battle report website where you can create and show off your battle reports. It’s freshly launched and ready for participants.

DED’ARD: How to Rebase Miniatures

If you’ve played 40K for any length of time then you’ve likely had to rebase some miniatures as base sizes change. I’ve done it the very lazy method in the past, the few times I’ve had to do it, but The Harrower has a great clean way to rebase that’s pretty damn painless.

Greggles Tabletop: Ork Walker LVO Journey: Trust in Rust! (And Repainting!)

Greggles has been hard at work on his walker list for LVO and getting them ready. This article shows how awesome those models are coming along. His process is damn lengthy and a labor of love but the result is amazing.

  • cadianshock

    Woot! Thank you @Thor_CT:disqus!!!!!

    • No problem. I enjoy doing these to help out other authors. Speaking of, I really should setup an account over there ;)

      • cadianshock

        You really should! Warmachine are putting the 40kers to shame! Those guys are loving it!

  • Thanks so much Thor! The walkers made it to vegas safely! Photos coming soon!

    • Good to hear. That would be my fear, my army being destroyed in transit.

      Have fun and I look forward to the photo dumps.

  • Thanks, Thor. You started it :P
    I must admit that I did some pretty heavy searches on Google images etc. to figure out how I wanted the finished product to look.

    • Most of us research our projects. It’s what makes us hobby nerds!

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