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Community Pimp’n #27

Community Pimp’n #27; showing you all the cool stuff you might have missed and should read.

Greggles Tabletop – The Armies of Las Vegas Open (Photo City)

Greggles went to the LVO and took a TON of pictures. This is just a post of shots and you will find more on his blog. Holy hell, there’s some amazing stuff in there. Set aside a few days to check this stuff out.

Broken Paintbrush – Using Trello to Organize my Painting Hobby

A great post by Joe B. on organizing his hobby. He is using a free website, they also have an app, called Trello. After seeing this article I was sold on it and started up my own. It’s an amazing organization program and you can see how Joe is using it in his article.

Objective Secured – Monkey! (Dark eldar Kymerae conversion)

NafNaf has some great Dark Eldar conversions he’s doing and this is just one of many. First, check out this article because the conversion is brilliant. Second, check out all his other Dark Eldar conversions.

Tibbs Forge – The virtues of our hobby: Creativity

I love a good editorial but I find they are hard to come by these days. Well, this is one of those rare good editorials about the hobby and creativity. Really, just go read it.


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I love all these blogs. Everyone should visit them all. Also I want to community pimp battle directory!

Wonderful drag/drop upload system for sharing battle reports!

Tibbs Forge

Thanks for the shout out, Thor! I appreciate the kind words.


Thanks for the mention Thor :). There are some great articles here too. I have got myself a Trello app too as well

Joe Baird

Hey thanks Thor! You just helped find some more blogs to follow as well.