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Community Pimp’n #30

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Objective Secured: The lollipop men cometh! DE Sslyth conversions painted – NafNaf creates a ton of cool stuff. He’s been on Community Pimp’n a few times for his awesome conversion work. This time he’s painted up his Dark Eldar Sslyths, which are fat guys with lollipops he converted, and they look amazing.

Richard Harris’ Miniature Painting: Color Theory – This is a great quick resource for color theory with some very useful information any painter can use.

Technasma: WIP: Chaos Knights of Tzeentch – I happened to stumble across this on Twitter and I’m glad I did. These Knights of Tzeentch look great. They are very well painted and I really like the muted tones he went with on these guys.

Greggles Tabletop: Ork Mega Update! Nova Open Display, Chipping Paint, Da Works! – Orks, Orks, Orks! Greggles is always working on Orks and always getting ready for some 40K event somewhere in the US. This update shows his progress on his display station, which is looking great, and some awesome weathering on his Dakkajet.

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Community Pimp’n #30
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