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Community Pimp’n #33

I’m slowly catching up on reading my favorite blogs, and I have some pimp’n to do!

Objective Secured: Tutorial: Malifaux Basing – NafNaf is at it again making cool stuff. This time he has a tutorial on how he made a really awesome base for Malifaux. The tutorial itself is great, and the end result looks stunning. You really should go check out his tutorial.

Tibbs Forge: Every game is a roleplaying game – Jeff wrote a great editorial comparing wargames, and all games, to roleplaying games. Not everyone is going to feel this way, some people just play a game to play a game, but for those who enjoy adding depth to their games and armies, you will find this a worthwhile read.

Blue Table Painting: DVD Value Tinting and Drybrushing – Zane goes over a really simple technique to create nice undertones and shading using drybrushing and glazes. I have done this once with my Chaos Spawn, and it was super easy to do and a lot of fun. You can follow the link if you want to like or comment on it, or just view the video below.

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Community Pimp’n #33
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