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Community Pimp’n: 3rd Week of December 2014

The semi-regular (when I get around to it), Community Pimp’n is back! Community Pimp’n is where we showcase awesome stuff we found and share it with you all to check out.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Get Yourself a Notebook

Dave re-posted an article of his explaining why you should have a notebook handy when you’re painting. He’s got some great advice and it’s something we could all benefit from doing.

Sons of Taurus: Triad Cluster Campaign

Sons of Taurus put up a great campaign that he will be participating in. There’s fluff, cool rules and it just looks like it will be a blast to play. If you’re looking for a fun campaign to do with friends then check it out.

Astra Chaos Wolf: Nerfing Invisibility, Is It Good For The Community?

This is an editorial regarding how we handle nerfing seemingly overpowered aspects of the game to make it fun for everyone. It’s a good read and I agree with the author.

Castigator’s Chaos: The Colours of Chaos – Slaanesh Heldrake

I thought this was an awesome Heldrake conversion and paint job. Having painted my own Heldrake, and knowing the chore it is to paint, I can really appreciate the work that went into this model.

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This is a great idea. Thanks for posting the links :)