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Community Pimp’n: 3rd Week of June

Here’s some stuff you should read. Also, if anyone has any suggestions for articles worth pimp’n then fire away. I surely don’t read all the great blogs out there, just not enough time in the day.

Bringer of Victory: 40k Theory: Properly Valuing Units – Nike writes great articles that educate you and get you thinking, this article being no exception. He talks about the value of a unit and how to properly access is during the course of a game, great stuff.

Bell of Lost Souls: 40K: Remembering Who We Are – A great article by HERO that I can’t help but fully agree with.

From the Warp: Hobby Focus: Creating a mood – A quick article about how creating a mood for your army is just as, if not more, important then the technical skill applied in painting.

Bringer of Victory: 40k Theory: Moneyball and 40k – Another great article by Nike discussing the theory of a units true value.

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Community Pimp’n: 3rd Week of June
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