Community Pimp'n

Community Pimp’n: 3rd Week of May

Some great reading from the past few weeks.

3++ is the new black: Offense or Defense: Which Am I? – AbusePuppy talks about the two base categories for an army on the field.

Warp Signal: Corporate Opacity – James discusses GW’s policy in a well thought out article.

House of Paincakes: Not every-body changes with the times….. – GMort presents that not everyone is reading the latest trends and winning builds and that these players may just win and present a big problem for you.

House of Paincakes: User Content Wednesday – Slutman, Slitman and Beardflakes – Here’s a re-posted rant by Grumhelden that’s just awesome.


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Community Pimp’n: 3rd Week of May
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