Community Pimp’n: 3rd Week of May

Some great reading from the past few weeks.

3++ is the new black: Offense or Defense: Which Am I? – AbusePuppy talks about the two base categories for an army on the field.

Warp Signal: Corporate Opacity – James discusses GW’s policy in a well thought out article.

House of Paincakes: Not every-body changes with the times….. – GMort presents that not everyone is reading the latest trends and winning builds and that these players may just win and present a big problem for you.

House of Paincakes: User Content Wednesday – Slutman, Slitman and Beardflakes – Here’s a re-posted rant by Grumhelden that’s just awesome.


  • Amberclad87

    I really liked the corporate opacity article. What I think a lot of people are having a hard time with is that they really don’t understand what a corporation is. The ONLY thing they are concerned with is growth. They want to make more money than they did last year at the expense of everything else. I see the same thing where I work, but it’s just the employees that get the short end of the stick. Games workshop is a corporation so of course they don’t care about there customers. What bothers me is the people that bitch about there company not being fair to the customer then goes and buys one of there over-priced products. This only fuels the problem cause if your just gonna keep buying stuff like a fool then why the hell should games workshop listen to you.

    • A lot of people really, really love 40K, or Fantasy, whatever it happens to be. While nobody really approves of price hikes, it’s the nature of the business. There’s nothing that doesn’t suffer from price increases. Everything we ever buy will only go up in price. So, when something you really enjoy raises the prices some, you deal with it. How many hours have we all put into the hobby? It’s hard to just throw that away over a 20% price increase.

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