Community Pimp’n: 4th Week of November

Cool stuff I found this week.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Madrak [7] Thrall Completed! – Dave has covered this project for a little while and here’s the final product. It’s easily my favorite model he’s done to date. Check it out.

Bell of Lost Souls: 40K EDITORIAL: What’s the Fuss About Necrons? – Darkwynn gives his honest assessment of the new Necron codex from the standpoint of a competitive gamer and I have to agree.

Sons of Twilight: Eriochrome Bargain Bin: Low Price Blood Bowl Miniatures and Bitz for Sale – Erichrome is running, well as the title says, a bargain bin of stuff he’s selling. Check it out, you may find something you like.

  • Thanks for the link – and the compliment! :)

    • Gladly. It’s well deserved.

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