Community Pimp’n: 4th Week of Octorber & 1st Week of November

I didn’t manage to get this up last week so this week I’m including the previous week’s finds.

House of Paincakes: Frontline Gamer Responds to GMort – A well written article talking about anger in gaming as a response to a previous article.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Get Yourself a Notebook – Simple and effective tips for hobbyists and ones I need to start using too.

Warhammer 39,999: The Military of Ultramar – Finished! – Quite an accomplishment and a cool idea.

Warp Signal: Adesha – Iybraesil Eldar Wraithlord – I really dig James’ style of painting and this is an amazing Wraithlord.

  • Thanks for the link :)

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