Community Pimp'n

Community Pimp’n: 4th Week of September

Time to get back into doing this. Here we go.

3++ is the new black: Fallacy 40k: The Win-More Fallacy – AbusePuppy talks about a common pitfall of many gamers.

Warhammer 39,999: The Only Two Good Codicies of 5th Edition – Rob discusses what he feels are the only two worthwhile codices to him.

Dorkamorka: Shell-Shocktober – This is a tournament run by a great gaming club. It’s on Oct. 1st in Watertown, MA. Check it out.

Warp Signal: Papers on Gaming: Nine Ways to Play – Interesting article talking about a recent study on the gamer’s mentality.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Trolls – Dave has been running a series of WIPs while he works on some Trolls doing some great conversions. He’s got some really great work you should check out.

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Community Pimp’n: 4th Week of September
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