Community Pimp'n

Community Pimp’n: End of February & Start of March

Stuff from around the web you should check out.

Hero’s Gaming Blog: Time limit per turns – This article Hero put up last week but since I didn’t do any pimp’n last week I’m tossing it up here now. Anyway, as the title suggests he talks about having timed turns.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Stippling with Sponges – Dave always does great tutorials and this is yet another. I really need to use this technique more and work it into my arsenal.

Claws & Fists: If it looks broke, maybe it ‘aint – Fudal speaks his mind about the power of codices and it’s not what you’d expect. Not everyone will agree with his opinion but it’s worth checking out.

Warhammer In Progress: Nurgle Obliterators – Skaven Rat Ogre Conversion (2 of 4)
– These are some awesome looking Obliterator conversions. Great kitbashing and green stuff skills.

Bringer of Victory: 40k Metrics: It’s All About Going First – Nike cover some data from a recent tournament about going second. Brief but interesting findings.

Spikey Bits: Plastic Carnifex Screamer Killer? – Hands down one of the most extensive and impressive conversions I’ve ever seen. It’s amazing. The paint job is top-notch as well.

Yesterday was Old Stuff Day so you’ll also see a lot of articles about that all over. Be sure to check those out, you’ll find lots of goodies.

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Dave G

Thanks as always for the link!