Community Pimp'n

Community Pimp’n: End of January & 1st Week of February

As usual here’s some cool stuff on the interwebz you should check out followed by a summary of what went on here.


Warhammer in Progress: Great Unclean One / Ku’Gath -Skaven Hell Pit Abomination Kitbash – This is one of the coolest kitbashes I’ve seen in a long time. So much coolness to behold.

Red’s Corps: A little Red Scorpions Diorama with the new Terrain pieces – This is some of the best painted stuff I’ve seen. The weathering and attention to detail is just awesome.

Cursed Monkey Corp.: Razorbacks – Hands down the best painted Razorbacks I’ve ever seen. I love the painting style.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Beginners Guide to Makeshift Terrain – Dave continues his series for beginners.

Hive Fleet Wraith Army Intro – Spectre Senence’s is a local player at my FLGS and he’s started up a YouTube channel where he’ll be posting up vids. This particular one showcases his large Tyranid army. If you’re felling lazy you can see the video below but do check out that link for his other videos he’s got up.

Creative Twilight

Reavers Hobby: Wolf Lord Conversion WIP – Kamui shows off his in progress Wolf Lord. There’s some awesome conversions and green stuff work.

News: Celebrating 2-Years of Blogging – January marked two years of blogging for me, crazy.

Rok Da Vote: Upcoming Codices Poll Results – The poll for the rumored upcoming codices you were most anxious for is closed and the results are in.

Hobby: Chaos Terminator Complete (Pics) – Finally got this Terminator completed after sitting half done for months.

Bloggers: Old Stuff Day is Approaching – Last year was the first year of Old Stuff Day and it was hit. That time of year is quickly coming again so get prepared.

Why Did You Lie to Me? – Stealthy rants a bit. What can I say? He’s a jaded Tau player.

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Dave G

Thanks for the shout out!