Community Pimp'n

Community Pimp’n: First of 2012

I’m going to change the format of this around a bit and combine the Weekly Wrap-up into this. Really the only reason they were separate was it gave me another easy article to put up. It just makes more sense to combine things.


Bell of Lost Souls:Spam is Dead, long live Spam! – This is one of the very few articles on the subject of spam that I can agree with.

Wargaming Tradecraft: Beginners Guide to Strategy and Tactics – Dave continues his series on helping new players and this article is amazing.

The Back 40K: Men of Metal #1: Goatchaman! – Speaking of BoLS, if you spend any time on that site then you have to check out this comic that Sandwyrm did, trust me.

House of Paincakes: Lack of Direction Kills…Well it Kills Blogs at least….. – GMort opens up a bit about something that most of us small time bloggers can relate to.

Warp Signal: Another Over Inflated Opinion About the Lord of the Rings – Well written article discussing Tolkien as an author and what his impact has been.

Creative Twilight

Ways to Follow Us – A quick article tossing out the various places you can find us and follow us.

Hobby: Plague Champion 2 Complete (Pics) – Finally wrapped up this guy and took some shots, check it out.

Librarium: Disciples of Twilight – After struggling for months with the fluff for my Chaos Marines I was finally struck by a brilliant idea from a friend’s suggestion.

Rok Da Vote: Upcoming Codices – A poll asking which codex you’re most anxious to see.

Mission: Recovery 2.0.0 (Updated) – Update to the tournament mission to bring it up to the method we use at my FLGS.

Mission: Attack and Defend v3.0.0 (Updated) – Update to the tournament mission to bring it up to the method we use at my FLGS.

What I Learned from the ‘Leaked’ 6th Edition – We all saw it, the leaked 6th edition rules, and it forced me to do some introspection on gaming.

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