Community Pimp'n

Community Pimp’n: First Week of June 2014

I don’t have many articles from the blogosphere to pimp today but it’s quality over quantity, right?

Tale of Painters – WIP: Chaos Space Marine Heldrake from the Black Legion

It’s an early shot of the model but already shaping up to be one of my favorite Heldrake’s I’ve seen. The yellow looks great and gives nice contrast and the black insets on the wings have subtle grey that really brings it to life. Check it out.

Green Stuff Industries: “I Am Two Bullets” by Rusty Robot

One of the coolest dioramas I’ve seen. There are so many great little details that just set the scene and all packed into such a small piece. It’s just incredible.

The creator of that also did a tutorial on how he made those awesome coke cans. You can find that here: How To Make Crushable Coke Cans

Green Stuff Industries: Time for Terrain

This is just a great piece of terrain. There are a lot of details that just make it look really convincing and the weather effects are well done.

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