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Community Pimp’n: Blog – Thin Your Paint!

Community Pimp'nA fellow 40K’er from my FLGS has started up a new blog. He’s been blogging on B&C for a long time but finally decided to move himself to a location where he can actually get some exposure. He’s a frequent visitor and commenter here, ShinyRhino.

Since he just got his blog off the ground I figured I’d help by throwing him some traffic. His blog is Thin Your Paint! and if the title didn’t give it away it’s mostly a hobby blog. At my FLGS there are three of us who routinely battle for painting awards and he’s one of them. His army is very cleanly painted and looks great on the table. Check out his blog and you can see a shot of his entire army.

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Community Pimp’n: Blog – Thin Your Paint!
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