Community Pimp’n: 1st Week of June

Good stuff you should read.

lines on maps: The End Of Days – A great hilarious article by grumhelden.

Bell of Lost Souls: Editorial: These Ideas Got to Go – Bad misconceptions and recognizing them. A good short read.

Bringer of Victory: Blink! How to Make Decisions on the Table Top – I did an article a few weeks ago about trusting your gut and Nike backs up that thesis; not that I had anything to do with his article.

House of Paincakes: Arrogance and Laziness… – An article I think most players can identify with or found themselves doing every now and then. A great lesson in humility.

Imperius Dominatus: Rant: Are you leaving Games Workshop? – Short and to the point rant regarding all the claims of leaving the hobby after the price increases.

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