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#communityhobby – A Community Driven Blog Series

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about the blog. I won’t bore you all with my thoughts, but one of the things I decided to do is start a new series here.

The first thing that sprang to mind was promoting the community. I’ve had a long running series here called Wargaming Bloggers Showcase, which was originally called Community Pimp’n. That series has existed for 7 years now, which I think is pretty impressive.

The WBS (Wargaming Bloggers Showcase), focuses on other bloggers and what they’re working on. I go out, find the articles, and curate a list that I share. Well, social media is kind of a big thing these days. There are TONS of amazing hobbyists out there without a blog, but who are posting their awesome work on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

So, #communityhobby is a feature for everyone to show off what they’re working on, be it a blogger, or someone on social media.

How Do I Participate?

All you have to do to be featured in this series is hit is up on any of our social media accounts (list at the top right), and share with us what you’ve got. Please feel free to use the #communityhobby hashtag to show it off as well.

Alternatively, you could go to our contact page and send us an email. I’ll respond ASAP, and you can forward along the pictures. Sorry, I don’t like putting my email address on the site because spammers love that.

I did create a page that explains this in a bit more depth over here.


So, let’s jump into what we’ve been sent!


The first person to submit something for the #communityhobby was padrenurgle from Twitter. He sent me this.

Half-done WIP Death Guard.

I could really use suggestions for the army bases.

Plague Marines

I think this unit looks great. I’ve painted up two units of Plague Marines years ago, and it was one of my favorite units to paint. With Plague Marines there’s a lot of freedom in painting them.

I had responded back to padrenurgle as well, mentioning the GW textured base paints. I think they’re great, and they’re so easy to use. However, if you have some advice for padrenurgle regarding basing then please comment below.


Next up we have what KARL sent me on Twitter, some Seekers of Slaanesh he’s working on. KARL is a buddy from my FLGS.

KARL had started on these models a very long time ago. Then he got distracted with loyalist Marines, so I’m glad to see him back at his Daemons ;)

Anyway, I think the skin tone on these Seekers is great. The red is a nice compliment to the skin tone as well. It looks great.


Brian is another buddy I know from my FLGS, and he sent along this.

I just finished this today on vacation. Will have to wait till I get back into town to base him.


Which I think is looking nice. I’ve always loved seeing the big bugs for Tyranids painted up.

Brian has quite the Tyranid army, and this is going to be a great addition.


That’s it for the first #communityhobby!

Again, send me what you’re working on, be it work-in-progress, or something you’ve completed, and I’ll get you in the next one.


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#communityhobby – A Community Driven Blog Series
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