#communityhobby 2nd Edition – Show Us Your Hobby!

A very slow start with #communityhobby, but I haven’t lost hope yet. I only have a few hobbyists to showcase today, but that’s fine – they get more attention that way :)

Remember everyone, to get featured in #communityhobby you just have to share with us the work you’re doing. That’s it. Show us on any of the social network we use (links at the top right), and we’ll share your work.


Clyde emailed me a shot of his Ynnari army he’s working on, and he had this to say:

Increasing my Ynnari army with The Yncarne and some wyches


I like the skin tones he used on the Wyches. It gives some great contrast to the armor. Also, that Yncarne is looking pretty awesome. Great use of colors all around here.


Some WIP work from Rory:

Well this seemed to work out. It was a nice change of pace. I really need better brushes though.


As someone who paints a half scheme – I know a quarter scheme is obnoxious to do. It’s awesome to see Rory stepping out of the box with this, and the results look great.


I may as well share a few WIPs.

The first shot is some work on the Nurgle and Slaanesh areas of the Land Raider. The second shot is a bone protrusion I was working on (not complete). I was trying to figure out if I liked the light to dark approach. I usually do it the other way, dark to light, but I wanted to try something different. Plus, I feel it separates it a bit more from the flesh this way. Still, I’d love feedback on that: dark to light, or light to dark?

That’s all folks! Send us your work!

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Cheers for the kind comments chief. I will have to remember to tag more things.

Joe Baird

that quarter scheme is awesome Rory! though there isn’t enough silver and hazard stripes on them… :-)


You’d like my last nights work then, hazard stripes on 20 Iron Warriors breachers.


I’ll have to remember that hash tag.


Thank you for the comments. Soon i will send you more pictures

Joe Baird

Looking good Cylde, I like the use of the old school wyches and your Yncarne is incredible!


Thank you Joe. Think i have ten old wyches more. I will post the army for Talavera’s GT as soon as possible. With the old plastic kabalite warriors from 3erd edition starting box?

Joe Baird

this is a fun roundup Thor! It great to see the cool things everyone is working on.

I like the bone look as it is, the dark tip helps makes it distinct from the flesh color