#communityhobby Fourth Edition – It’s a Big’un!

So, #communityhobby is plugging along. One thing to note is my lack of comment to each submission below. It’s nothing personal. I figure I’ll leave my responses on the social media platform you sent it on instead of here. Plus, it saves me time putting these together, and this is already a time-consuming process ;)


John is the first Instagram user to join in, and he sent us these.

Day Two of my leave. And the paint brushes are out. Warning things maybe getting more nerdy!
Anyways painting up Rhode Island Red and his Red Leg Raiders today. One the best characters ever created by @insta2000ad.

John 1

Love having free time! This time I’ve completed Novar from Judge Dredd. It’s now up on the blog along with a new beer review.
Really nerding out this week

John 2

AJ jumped in on #communityhobby lately on Twitter with these.

A marine a year later after I started painting. Still missing his gun and a few details. But that’s it.

I finally finished that Blood Angel!

Rory continues to send along his WIPs, which I really appreciate.

Based and shoulder pads done. Starting to come together now.   


2017: Part the second! Well that week rolled around pretty quick   



Cylde is our second Instagram user to participate!

Un pasito más


Una mini más para Talavera.


  • Damm Clyde! That is some fine work.

    • Yeah, that whole galactic thing he does it awesome.

    • Wow. Those Eldar are brilliant! That’s a great find.

    • Thank you very much. I’m glad you all like it.

      And please please please my nick is Cylde.

      • I’ve updated the article to fix your name. I guess I made it an English name on accident by switching two letters :)

      • Oops my bad Cylde!

  • All works are good, but that blood angel is superb. I do not know the original paragraph in English, but in Spanish “hierro por dentro, hierro por fuera”, good iron warriors.

    • I know what you mean. In English it would be “Iron within, iron without.”

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