The Conundrum – what to do

So last time I laid out my goals for the year. I have changed a few of them and I have a lot to do, but I feel like I have hit a wall. I have a literal ton of chaos stuff to work on that I have collected over the last two years, but I have come to the conclusion that it is just really not for me. I don’t my mind painting them but I just haven’t enjoyed playing with them. The fully painted khorne army I put together I thought I would really really enjoy playing, but honestly I haven’t and it is not due to my win loss ratio, I don’t think I have won a single game with them, but it has everything to do with just the style of game. It isn’t for me, it is not the fluid combined arms game I enjoy, it is basically turn 2 assault then grinding out assaults until the game is over. I am disappointed that I didn’t see this coming by now I should know what I like and don’t like but after playing in the standoff with my beloved white scars I realized how much more I enjoyed playing that fast fluid army. An army that isn’t all bikes and in my mind is pretty far from cheese, it participates equally in all turns of the game, it has no uber win button, but no unit is a slouch.

So what do I do. I have this chaos stuff, i could paint it continue to build up a force with it, one that I don’t know if I will enjoy playing ever. I could stuff it back in the closet. I could try to trade or offload it.  Everyone says you regret selling an army or miniatures but in my experience even when I have not gotten what I wanted for it I have never really regretted it and I have sold several. Any advice is appreciated and if any one is interested in the stuff I am willing to trade for just about anything, big cool super heavies, neat single models or just space marine stuff in general. I feel like I should be doing something with this stuff but going on the mentality Thor has adopted to paint fun stuff (which I want to adopt as well) these are models I just don’t want to work on.

In the mean time while trying to figure this out I have expanded my hobby goals somewhat. In addition to my current to do list I have added the completion of 30 oil paintings this year. Yep happy little trees Bob Ross truly is the bomb. I have a ton to learn but considering I have only done 3 paintings this far holy crap the results are awesome. Also note and this is somewhat disheartening, I can paint a decent oil faster than I can paint a single miniature. Yep blows my mind too.

That’s that I have a list of hobby stuff to do I don’t want to do but I feel like I have to do. Which means hobby is now a chore. I am starting to think perhaps now I am only ever going to be a one army kind of guy. Perhaps with a sprinkling of allies. If that’s the route I end up going if anyone is interested in a decently painted all khorne army let me know ; ).

Anyway happy friday and here are some happy little trees.

100_1584 100_1585

And something I am very excited about my deathwatch stuff finally showed up! Sternguard here I come.


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If you have no regrets over selling off stuff you’ve put work into then I see no reason not to offload it. It sucks you put all that work into the army, pushing for a deadline, and then realize it’s not for you. It happens though and I well imagine getting cash or trades for it will be better than agonizing over what to do with something you have no interest in. Speaking of, what do you have which you have not painted yet for Chaos?

Those are nice paintings. Actually, they’re damn impressive for being your first paintings. I’ve often thought about trying my hand at oil painting too but I barely have enough time to get an army painted for events.


I would gladly trade or buy off of you. I could also work with you to build a chaos and daemon force that you enjoy as I have stuff I don’t use and we could trade to help you make an army you enjoy. Perhaps, instead of khorne, you could try running slaaneshi daemons. They are cheap and the chariots are fun to run. However, if you are set on offloading your stuff, would gladly take any of your khorne bloodletters off your hands :D.


I have also looked into getting a bob Ross kit. Glad to see his videos are effective! I have always loved bob Ross and I find that my interest inpainting has grown considerably as my skill grows in miniature painting. When I was a very meh painter I would never have wanted to try it, but now I truly enjoy actually painting.


That’s the guy I grew up watching.