Cosplayer Amy Thunderhawk and Kickstarter


I’m happy to announce that cosplayer Amy Thunderhawk has joined the team to produce my next novel, Hungry Gods.  (A story of superheroes, conspiracies, and zombies — right up your alley, wouldn’t you say?)

She will be the model/cover girl for the book by portraying the beautiful badass of the story, Silk Spider.  (And, by the way, you can help make that happen and get your own copy by supporting the Kickstarter that’s on right now.)

To discover Amy’s Facebook page, click here.

To view the Kickstarter campaign, decide if you want in and to weigh your options, click here.

Thanks for your support!

J. D. Brink

Brink’s Chaos Theory

  • I read your article on how the con went and it’s too bad the attendance was low. It’s cool though that you walked away with something to show for it though, or will have something to show for it anyway.

    Best of luck in the Kickstarter. Hopefully you succeed with it and I’ll be sure to help contribute.

  • JD Brink

    Thanks, Thor! Yeah, the Con itself was a disappointment but I made some valuable friends instead, so it was a net win.

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