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Huron: Legs #2

Counts-as Huron Blackheart: Final Stretch for Sculpting

This isn’t a huge update from the last round with my counts-as Huron but it’s progress and progress is something I’m getting little of with this model lately. It seems half of what I try either doesn’t work and I scrap it or it just takes way longer than it should. However, I’m in the home stretch now and then it’s on to paint.

I sculpting in a large arrow on his right thigh and added another triangle on the lower leg that matches the existing ones. At this point I feel the legs are suitable detailed so it’s on to getting the tabard done. To that end I have some thin plasticard on there to lay down the foundation. Ron at From the Warp (really hoping he returns eventually), has a great tutorial on how to sculpt a half tabard. That’s the guide I’m following for this. It’s something I saw a long time ago, that tutorial, and never had a need to use but kept it in mind for when I did. I’m pretty excited to get to the sculpting portion of it.

Hopefully this week I wrap up that tabard and get him primed. I need this model ready for this month, so I have time but I don’t want to be rushing last minute either.

Update: The counts-as Huron Blackheart is painted.

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Counts-as Huron Blackheart: Final Stretch for Sculpting
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Looking good Thor. I enjoy these little micro updates on the work flow. Really shows how much thought and time you are putting into him!


I think you got those legs looking solid. The berzerker legs are really difficult to get looking quite right, the guy is trying to take a nose dive into a crowd basically, but the sculpting looks great and the tabard helps tone down the old sculpts, can’t wait to see paint on him!


Those small details do make a big difference. This is coming along nicely! Is Huron part of your Standoff list?