Creating a Dark Angels Army

Dark Angels: Tactical Squad 1
The 1st of the army

This blog is going to follow the trials and tribulations, the highs and lows of collecting, building, painting and gaming with a new army. I have come back to 40k after many years of just playing warhammer and have decided to collect a Dark Angels army. This should be very exciting especially with 6th edition being released within the very near future and if rumours are to be believed the Dark Angels will be included in the boxed version of the game and getting a new codex. So definitely a good time to start my new army as there should be some great new miniatures to add to the small starter army that I have just now.

A little bit about myself now just to keep you entertained. I am a 40yr old Scotsman who has been playing games such as Warhammer, Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, Necromunda and Gorka Morka for as long as I can remember. Yup its always been Games Workshop games I have played but that was all that was available to me. I enjoy the painting and converting of the miniatures as much as leading them into battle.  I have not played 40k for about ten years but did start playing it back in the good old days of Rogue Trader. But of late I have been feeling a bit non enthusiastic about the games and armies I have been playing and feel like a change of system and army might be just the kick I need to get me going again.

So what is in the army so far???? well the first few purchases I have made are a captain, assault squad, some scouts and a tactical squad. Not much I know but we all have to start somewhere. I have painted up 5 of the tactical squad so far and have decided to make my army the 3rd company. So this is the 1st squad of 3rd company painted up…well half the squad but will be working on the other half in the next few days to get the squad completed.

Dark Angels

So until next time happy gaming and may the dice gods smile upon you

  • Welcome to the blog!

    What direction were you planning on going with the army? Deathwing, Ravenwing, something else?

  • For the longest time I pictured making a Deathwing army… but after rocking Dark Angels in Space Marine… I think I found my look… one day I’ll come back to 40k, and at least create a few models from my minds eye.

  • coastiecraig

    I also thought about a deathwing or ravenwing army and who knows once I get this army done it might be fun to do both and end up with the 1st 2nd and 3rd companies available to battle………. can see my wallet getting a lot lighter

    • Doh. I completed overlooked the fact you said 3rd company when I asked my question.

      Most of us suffer from the lighter wallet syndrome!

  • bkbutlerme

    Welcome to Creative Twilight and I look forward to your future articles.

    • coastiecraig

      Thanks for the welcome I hope you enjoy the articles as they progress

  • Looks like a good start, I’m looking forward to seeing more. Although I’ve been a Space Wolf fan since Rogue Trader, I’m also a big fan of the aesthetic the Dark Angels have developed over the years.

    Those aren’t the Dark Angels Veterans/Upgrade bodies. Did you add robes to the standard tactical squad?

    • coastiecraig

      Hi Kamui, you are correct that they are not the new dark angel veteran bodies they are actually the metal dark angel bodies that were sold in blister packs so no I didn’t add robes to the normal tactical squad as my sculpting skills are not that good yet

      • Nice. Are you planning to have the whole army in robes?

        • coastiecraig

          Not sure at the moment as I have a few marines lying about without robes that I planed to use but could be fun trying to make robes for them and see how they turn out as I think a fully robed army would just look fantastic

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