Creating a Dark Angels Army Part 2

Dark Angels: The 1st squad finished
1st Squad finished

Well that’s another week gone by and after a few tears and spilt paints I have finished the 1st squad of my new army. The squad is a tactical squad of 10 marines with 1 missile launcher, 1 flamer and a sergeant with power fist and bolt pistol. I am quite happy with the paint scheme for both the power armour and the robes. I have painted them completely with the new citadel paints and have found them a pleasure to use. I also got the large dark angels transfer sheet from Forgeworld and have to say it is proving to be a real bargain for someone like me who isn’t talented enough to paint the shoulder pad details by hand.

Dark Angels
The completed squad

The robes were painted as for bone on the G.W sites painting guide section and starts with a base of zandri dust followed by a seraphim sepia wash, then I gave them a 1st highlight of ushabti bone followed by a 2nd highlight of screaming skull. I missed out the final white highlight as I was happy enough with the result.

Dark Angels
Another angle

For the armour I started with a caliban green base followed by a wash with biel-tan green. I then highlighted with warpstone glow and after trying another highlight of moot green which I wasn’t happy with I then re did the warpstone glow and finished with a glaze of waywatcher green which I think looks fine for the battle top.

I gave the guns and eyes a coat of mephiston red and a coat of balthasar gold drybrushed with golden griffon onto the chest eagles. The bases were coated in the texture paint astrogranite and drybrushed with longbeard grey.

So its been a good week as I got the squad finished which was what I had hoped to achieve. The only problem I have had this week was with a comment that was left by Kamui in which he asked if I intended creating an all robed dark angels army. This really got me thinking about how cool this would actually look and although it is now relatively easy to make all the figures robed using the dark angels sprues I already have a few marines lying around and also had an assault squad that I had painted up as dark angels but they aren’t robed. Solution would either be to buy all new miniatures which would be quite expensive or else try sculpting robes on to the minis myself. Now I have used green stuff before but only for the usual gap filling I have never attempted to sculpt with it so my thinking is that I can kill two birds with one stone and make the army very unique by doing the sculpting myself which will also serve to help me improve my sculpting skills so without further ado here is a few pictures of the first assault marine that I have tried to put robes on.

From the front it is difficult to see as the robe is pretty much the same green colour as my model but you can make out the robe at either side and the flow is back out from the miniature.Dark Angels

Dark Angels

So until next week when I will hopefully unveil my robed assault squad happy gaming.

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Creating a Dark Angels Army Part 2
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