Creative Twilight and Social Media

I just wanted to take a second to shamelessly pimp the blog on the various social networks that we participate in. I find it’s damn hard to get people to follow/like/whatever and I have the feeling some of that is because many subscribe to our RSS feed and so they get updates as it is. However, I ask that if you do frequent here that you please check us out on the assorted social networks we use. Doing so helps get us in front of more hobbyists and gamers.

You can find where we are to the right of here or for convenience down below:

Feedly (not a social network but a cool feed aggregator)


  • Nice! Added you to twitter :)

    • Good because I already had you ;)

      • Actually, I had the blog, not you. Fixed.

        • Ha ya it’s a bit confusing. Feedyournerd1 is basically just tweeting out when the site gets updated. I just recently started the twitter again based on all cadians articles. :)

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