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All this talk of the Standish Standoff makes me wish I could participate!  So I thought I’d come up with a list, just for fun.  It’s 1650pts, right?  So I reconfigured my classic Crimson Fists list, which I’ve only used once or twice in 7th edition and not much more that that in 6th ed.  I came back to 40K in 5th and played that quite a bit more.  (Pre-family days, you know.)

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So here’s my “Righteous Fury” list, led by Pedro and my jump chaplain Xerxes.  I feel it’s got a good balance with lots of heavy firepower and a solid troops base, with fast attack units as well.  I pride myself on building non-competitive lists and using them in unexpected ways.  As I’ve probably mentioned before, I like outflanking and moving in ways you may not be ready for.  My assault squad has proven a very effective anti-armor unit.  In one game against Chaos, they jumped along a rear tank line and took out three tanks, the last of which was a Land Raider!  I also favor scouts, which most probably think too fragile for serious use.  I like outflanking with my “assault scouts,” who zoom in on their storm speeder, shoot a tank in the ass with their multimelta, and then jump out to kill vulnerable rearguard units.  Four shotguns and a pistol followed by a power sword-led charge has routed more than a few units right off the back board edge.  Of course in 6th and 7th, they can’t hop out and assault the same turn they come in, so that’d make a big difference now.  The nice thing about 7th ed marines, though, is more models for the money, plus chapter tactics.  Crimson and Imperial Fists can reroll 1s to hit with their bolt weapons and devastator squads get tank hunter.

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Anywhoo, here’s my list.  Hopefully you can all decypher my shorthand. Some of my choices are actually model-based as well.  For example, I’d like to take a meltagun in my assault squad but haven’t geared anyone for that.

HQPredro Kantor185
EAchilles Sternguard (5) combi-melta, hvy flamer140
EBrother Brutus (dreadnought) w. assault cannon, DNCC + hvy flamer130
TLeartes sniper scouts (5) 5 cloaks, 4 snipers, 1 ML w. flakk94
TMaverick tac squad (10) sgt w. 2 plas pistols, plasmagun, hvy bolter195
TRomulus tac squad (6) flamer89
TAjax assault scouts (5) sgt w. power sword/pistol, m-bombs; 4 shotguns75
*Landspeeder Storm w. Multimelta55
HQBrother Xerxes (chaplain) w. jump pack, m-bombs110
FADiomedes assault squad (7) sgt w. 2 claws + m-bombs; flamer; plas pistol174
HVYBrother Vulkan w. ThunderFire Cannon100
HVYJaden Panther (predator) (autocannon and side sponson hvybolters)95
HVYAeneas Dev squad (5) sgt w. signum, 2 ML, 1 PlasmaCannon115

Hope that chart translates okay…

J. D. Brink

Brink’s Chaos Theory



  • Not too bad, though I do have to point out that you’re using pseudo-Roman and Greek naming conventions, where the Crimson Fists are typically named for Spanish knightly and monastic orders and their members, in keeping with the knightly themes of Imperial Fists successors.

    • JD Brink

      You’re right, though I never thought of them as Spanish knights. That’s a cool thought. I’m more of a classical mythology buff. :)

  • Looks like a fun list to face off against. Not typically what I see but that’s why it would be fun to face.

    Aside: I’ve always like the Crimson Fists paint scheme.

    • JD Brink

      Me too on the paint scheme. I started noticing cars that were dark blue with their red brake lights and wanted to buy one. :)
      Always liked the colors and the chapter. Classic, iconic chapter.

  • Looks like a fun list. A few less conventional choices but solid ones. I agree with Thor: I’ve always liked the crimson fist scheme as well. The models look good. Are those tarmac themed bases? ;)

    • JD Brink

      Why yes. I imagine them fighting in a very big parking lot… with no lines painted on it yet…

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