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Crimson Slaughter: Thoughts & Musings

Crimson SlaughterI wanted to let the dust settle before I tossed up an article on the new Crimson Slaughter supplement for Chaos Marines.

Now, I have not read the fluff yet. I don’t actually own the codex yet, though I believe I’ll snag a copy this week. From everything I’ve heard, the fluff is great. I love fluff, don’t get me wrong, but the big grab for me with Crimson Slaughter was going to be the rules, pure and simple. The fluff in Black Legion was great from all I heard but the rules are meh. At the end of the day it’s the rules that are going to determine if I purchase a supplement or not and great fluff is the icing on the cake.

I am very familiar with the rules with Crimson Slaughter and I am very sold on the codex as a result. I’m not going to go over each rule, relic, special missions, etc. There are sites doing that which are better suited to that type of analysis. I did want to talk about my use of some of those items as pertains to my army though because these relics really let you develop a great character and I love that about this codex.

Chaos Lord SoulgoreCrimson Slaughter Lord

First up is Soulgore, my Chaos Lord on juggernaut. The big thing I was looking at for Soulgore is daemonheart to get the 2+ and IWND (it will not die), and the blade of the relentless, the power sword that improves with the more kills you get. Not real surprising really, that combination. On the juggernaut, the biggies, are he’s T5, 4 wounds with a 2+/4++ (he always has a sigil of corruption), with IWND. That’s a tough nut to crack when he’s buried in a unit of five Spawn.

Normally Soulgore has the axe of blind fury from the Chaos Space Marines codex so I’m effectively trading killiness for defense; sort of. I routinely roll 1’s on my axe and the daemon weapon bites me. As much as I love daemon weapons, I loathe them too. Not having to worry about rolling a 1 and having your weapon hit you is nice; never mind becoming WS1 as well. I lose out on potential  attacks by going blade of relentless over axe of blind fury but I gain consistent attacks and the blade will power up with kills. The big loss here is the axe is S6 where the blade is user strength, but again the blade powers up and puts him at S5 after just one kill. The daemonheart will let him tank it up a bit while he works up the kills for the blade. I think the trade off when Soulgore is running as Crimson Slaughter is worth it.

The other version of Soulgore I have looked at is the one many have: put him on a Bike, mark of Nurgle with daemonheart. Now he’s T6, 3 wounds with IWND, is a 2+/4++ (again a sigil here). Blade of the relentless is an option here, as is Slaughter’s Horn’s, which grants him furious charge, rage and hammer of wrath. Hammer of wrath is moot when he’s on a bike but furious charge and rage are well worth the points. The Biker version of a Lord has a lot of options and potential.

Chaos Sorcerer

My other HQ I have looked at with Crimson Slaughter is my Sorcerer. The codex opens up some really great options, and I’m not even talking about the balestar of mannon to get access to divination. For me the issue I often have with my Sorcerer is where to put him. There are a lot of ways to run one and places to put a Sorcerer but with what I currently own the options are limited. Typically I take one in terminator armor, toss him with Terminators and generally have a blah to mediocre showing of it.

The Crimson Slaughter codex gives me daemonheart to change things up with the Sorcerer, again it’s the 2+ with IWND. I can then add on the sigil of corruption for a 4++ and then mark of Tzeentch to make that a 3++. It’s not cheap, nor is it really expensive, but now I have a 2+/3++ that is not in terminator armor and can ride around, sweep units, etc. The terminator Sorcerer can do the same (2+/3++), and it costs 5pts less but comes with the issue of being in terminator armor. I like the Crimson Slaughter idea for him ultimately because I can gain survivability and still have a lot of options on where he goes.


So far that’s where I have gotten with the Crimson Slaughter codex. I really like the character build options that open up in this codex. I also really enjoy that everything is fluffy, the relics, army rules, etc. I have tried this out for two games last week but the problem was both games were very lopsided and ultimately there wasn’t much in the way of testing.

Since this is related to the poll I put up yesterday, feel free to vote on your thoughts regarding the Crimson Slaughter codex below.

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Crimson Slaughter: Thoughts & Musings
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