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Hi All!

So following my last article this is just a small showcase showing the models I am currently painting. I usually have quite a few projects going on at any given moment to keep my limited attention span always entertained.

Following my work on my Wraithlord I wanted to paint a model with some large surface area to experiment with some blends and try out some new techniques, this is the point when I realised that I have a Wave S. that has been sitting on its sprue for about 2 years! I decided that this model deserved better and I took it off the sprue and cleaned off all the mould lines and primed it! Till now all I managed to paint was the pilot and cockpit. I’ve been struggling to get a very smooth basecoat on the actual armour panels of the tank due to it sitting around for so long collecting dust, which just goes to show that I seriously need to get painting!

I’m not entirely happy with his hair so im still trying to think of something to darken the recesses in his hair. I’d love some comments and critique on my current work so far!

I also acquired some old school metal warlocks from some Ebay sales and local trades. I converted a bit of the weapons to vary the look of the models and maybe give myself a platform for some different techniques!

My main aim with these guys was to keep them different from each other but tie them together with a common theme. So I basecoated them with different dark colours and did progressive blends up to Temple Guard Blue to keep to the army theme of bone and blue whilst still keeping them relatively unique. Gold and Bone are also recurring themes in my Warlocks and Farseers and this colour plays extremely well with the Temple Guard Blue.

Although these sculpts are probably as old as I am they are just pure pleasure to paint! When these guys are finished you will definitely see them in a showcase feature! I also plan on using them in my tutorials on how to paint gold.

Also I’m shamelessly asking if you have any ideas regarding the fur and hair on the models I’d love some input!

So let me know if you have any comments and critiques, I’d love to hear from you! If you wish to share projects that are on your workbench just drop a comment below and I’ll make sure to check it out.

If you wish to see more of my work, see my opening post here.

The Sable Warlock

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It’s all looking great. I really like the transition on the Warlock robes from that purple’ish color to the blue. The blending is nicely done.

For the hair on the pilot, I’d consider giving it a wash or either brown or sepia. It just needs a bit of depth.

Brennan Barni
Brennan Barni

I second the notion that he would benefit from a wash.

For the fur, it all depends on what coloration you’re looking for. For white “mink” fur, you can’t go wrong with a 1:1 light grey and white mix, washed with a black ink (like Nuln Oil), then drybrushed with pure white. Gives a great amount of depth, in my experience.