Damn you GW and your cool but late models!

New ModelsHello all,

Over the last week I have made some progress on painting one of my Grey Hunter squads and on building my fifth DIY drop pod.  I have not actually taken any pictures though, so no hobby update for today.  Perhaps I’ll manage a mid-week update to make up for it.

So instead, how about a little rant about GW and their late to the table creations?

As most of you are probably aware GW is finally releasing Thunderwolves, Fenrisian Wolves, Tervigons/Tyrannofexes, a Hive Tyrant with winged and Swarmlord option, and a bunch of finecast re-releases.  If you haven’t seen them already go check out GW’s advanced order list.  They really are some nice looking models.  My only real gripe is where the hell have they been all this time?

I shouldn’t be surprised about this type of lag in model release.  And really, I’m not.  For years I played Eldar where the primary transport vehicle, the Wave Serpent, didn’t exist.  Each Exarch was available only as a single piece metal model, many of which were armed with the least desirable options available.  I also played Orks when there were no Trukks, Battlewagons, Kommandos, Flash Gitz, Lootas, or properly armed Tank Bustas available.

I usually take these model omissions as a challenge.  I enjoy conversions and scratch building and in many cases I will choose this route even when an actual model exists.  What frustrates me is when after making do and building my own models for something GW finally releases something that I really like.  The new Thundewolf Cavalry look awesome.  But I’ve already started working on my own version based on the Cold Ones Knights and I’m too far in to back out now. Just as I’ve never been able to justify adding the GW battlewagon to my collection, I may never be able to justify buying the new Thunderwolf Cavalry.  They look nice but I already have an alternative and my GW-designated cash will have to go to something my army is lacking.

It's hard to justify a $60 tank when I've already got this one.

Maybe some day I’ll come up with a reason to buy the new kit.  Maybe the few Thunderwolves that the Reavers have managed to keep alive are reserved for higher ranking individuals while younger beastriders have to settle for a wyrm mount.  In that case I could pick up a box to build a Wolf Lord, Iron Priest, and counts-as-Canis.  Maybe a variety of beast mounts fits better with the salvage driven raider aesthetic of the Reavers. Maybe there’s hope…

For now I’ll just remount my Wyrmriders on 60mm bases and move on.  I’ve been planning to bulk them up with armor plating, hopefully they’ll be big enough to fill the base.  I can re-use the 40mm bases for my Wolf Guard Terminators and the new 60mm bases will give me plenty of room to get creative with the Wyrmriders.  See, silver lining.

Maybe it's good I haven't finished you guys...

I will probably pick up a pack of the new wolves though.  They’re a cool looking way to buff my ICs.

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The kick in the ass I think you’ll find is the whole Chapter House lawsuit that went on. If it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t be surprised if these models were never released. It makes me wonder if GW will start going through all the codices and release the models that don’t exist across the board.

As for modeling, yeah, that sucks. I think your idea of the wolf mounts being reserved for higher ranking members works perfectly. You keep what you’ve done, which is cool anyway and fluffy, and then still get to use the new kit you like. Win, win.


OR-it could be that they had the models ready and Lawyers told them not to release them till the Lawsuit was settled? 
At least they are all sweet models!  Luke pre-ordered a set of Cav Sunday @ XRG.


I kind of figured he was done with SW?